Blackstone's Elusive Moth

Where is the Costume?

Click on Picture for Larger PhotoI am wearing a costume that was especially made for my portrayal of the "Moth" that could not escape the Jungle Natives in an illusion Harry Blackstone created for me in 1948. He wanted to display my skills as a ballet dancer with his Magic.

The costume was mostly shades of green splashed with touches of orange, red and black.

The "moth' was chased by the natives, caught and wrapped in a spider's giant white web. The "moth" struggled to get free as the web was hoisted high above the stage. Blackstone came to the rescue - he quickly stretched his arms upward with a magical gesture, a puff of smoke and the web unfurled. Empty. The "Elusive Moth" had disappeared.

"Blackstone's Elusive Moth " received good press and Mr. Blackstone was pleased with every performance at theatres around the country.

It seems to be a fact that I am the only person to perform "Blackstone's Elusive Moth " in Blackstone's Show.

The costume may be in David Copperfield's "International Museum and Library of the Conjuring Arts", which houses the world's largest collection of historically significant magic memorabilia, books, and artifacts.